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Joe Black: Ways Of Seeing (Test), 2013 

15,000 Hand-painted test tubes, coated in resin and mounted on a dye-cut aluminum disc

190 x 190 cm


Jeppe Hein : Frequency Watercolours 

Year: 2012
Material: watercolor paper, watercolour
Dimensions: 150 x 150 cm (unframed)

A Smile For You, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, SE, 2013

In an attempt to visualize sound, a series of watercolours display a graphic representation of resonating frequencies. By vibrating various paints in singing bowls, an image of multi-coloured drops can be created from the intensity of vibration.

watch a video demo


Kevin Champeny

"Fire Lamp"
16” diameter
300+ cast soft rubber bullets
light w/switch


2014 wall calendars are now available in my shop!  12 pages + covers printed on a lovely heavyweight stock with a hole for hanging.  Limited edition, so grab one up!  


Beautiful snowflakes photographed by Sergey Kichigin 

Sergey Kichiginis an award-winning photographer from Volodga, Russia his repertoire ranging from lifestyle to landscape and animal photography. He mostly uses manual lenses when shooting and as of late he is especially interested in micro-photography of snowflakes and ice crystals. Sergey’s photos offer an intimate view of snowflakes exposed for what they really are — a wonder of magic and ice. 

 visit his 500px page, or check out more on his website

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L.A., 1982
Kenneth Josephson